Thank you, Kyrstin.



I’m writing to you not because I’m planning a wedding and am in search of a photographer, but because I stayed up last night until 6 am getting taken away to cities I’ve never even heard of and seeing just how powerful love really is.

5 hours. 46 pages. 1 box of Kleenex. Countless smiles.

That was my evening. I’m not engaged (not even dating) but I stumbled across your blog because of Pinterest and was immediately drawn to your photos. The emotions they evoked. The beauty in the little things. The overall feeling of love that emits from each picture.

A perfect moment captured in time.

I will be turning 26 within the next few months and a large portion of my friends are already engaged, married, or have families of their own. I’ve seen the stress that goes into these rights of passage, especially one’s “special day.”

The right dress. Perfect color scheme. Meticulously organized seating chart. 

And yet your photos show what everyone’s wedding day should be centered around and what I hope mine focuses on…2 people, who fell in love.

In the past 24 hours I’ve began the reevaluation of my life. What do I love? What is keeping me in Los Angeles, CA? What am I capable of? The answers to these questions have led me to start planning my next big adventure. I realized the farthest I’ve ever traveled was on a cruise with my parents to the Bahamas. My ex boyfriend is from Belfast and distance keeps us apart, my best friend lives in Bondi and the closest we can get is a Skype conversation, and I work at an International Summer Camp and can not visit former campers-all because I still don’t have a passport! So all of that is changing, starting tomorrow morning. Making a plan, working as hard as I can, saving as much as possible and traveling before the new year.

Experiencing the world. Living Life.

Because of You (yes, You) I’m taking my life into my own hands and exploring this great world. What am I hoping to find? I don’t know yet, but like any great traveler, I have a feeling I’ll know it when it happens. So, I wanted to say Thank You for lighting a fire in my heart. Being that extra push that I needed. I know you didn’t know it, but thank you. You really do have a gift and I’m so glad that you shared it with the world. And who knows, maybe one day I will be writing you to photograph that special day in my life. 


Kyrstin S

Los Angeles, CA

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  1. this probably doesnt matter to you…but i just had to go back again to this post tonight. coz while reading down the rest of your old posts (like i said im back tracking , only at nights when my baby goes to sleep, hehe…so currently in Dec 2009 posts, oh but no im not stalking you..haha), I stumbled on your feature in Rock n Roll Bride..and i saw my name left a comment there..geeez..which means i was wrong in thinking i only knew about you this fact, i did stumble upon your work in Nov 2009 when i was still starting out with my photography too..i kinda panicked at the thought ‘what happened to me? why did i forget about you?’ hehe i got lost. but i’m glad i found you again. im glad a dear friend of mine introduced you to me again. just wanted to let you know. its crazy. thank you again Jonas. just Thank You. :)

  2. this squeezed my heart so much it aches with as much inspiration Kristin felt.
    i knew about your work earlier this year i think but only yesterday i decided to sit more time going back tracking ALL your posts…so yes, im still at this page now…and it never felt better than reading a great book of stories and photos that are beyond words. Thanks Jonas for just about EVERYTHING You Are. Someday, I dream to meet you too and be in one of your workshops…and who knows have coffee with down the road. Take care.

  3. Hi Jonas

    Working for Queensberry for past 7 years or so….i have seen it all when it comes to photography, especially wedding photography. But this has to be the best compliment I have ever read on someones photography. Your photography has so much of power to stir emotions this deep. You truly are an amazing photographer!

    Keep up the good work.



  4. Wow! All the best to Kyrstin! And Jonas you must be proud to bursting! Deservedly so.

  5. Inspiration, such a powerful thing and travelling is such a wonderful feeling. Anyone know what the song is attached to this post?

  6. Krystin speaks the truth for so many of us who admire your work. You are so incredibly talented and see beauty, it seems, in everything. We would all be well-served to have a bit of that ability.

  7. She beat me to writing a letter, I never thought of that. I’m a student in advertising and have had a love of photography long before that and blogs like yours have sent me in dreams and set new life goals for myself.

    I know you know you set this effect, I hope to be able to do the same one day!


  8. A shared vision of Jonas’s work.
    Jonas, your approach, your eyes, you way of sharing all of this with us can only me feel two things : I’d love changing my life as you once did, I’d love visiting the world as you’re doing.

    Krystin, visit. Meet people. Enjoy others and other’s culture. My travel to Ireland and the people I met made me think about only one thing. I want to visit more. I want to meet and share with others … that’s the best about traveling to me.

  9. Just shows you how far your reach is when you create such beautiful authentic images. And the power of a thank you note. Thank YOU for sharing, Jonas!

  10. Seriously, that’s what every serious artist hopes to accomplish through their work. To change someones life. Don’t ever stop being awesome! Cheers Jonas!

  11. Jonas – As Ed Peers said it, you have a gift. Your photos are a gift to all of us.
    Kyrstin, travel safely, the world is amazing, you won’t be disappointed.

  12. Kyrstin, Jonas – Thank you both for being open and sharing this. It’s so amazing how powerful the love of a couple really is, how inspiring and beautiful marriage really is. Nothing else is needed to make the heart melt, draw us to something far greater than ourselves.

  13. kyrsten, if you ever feel like coming to england and seeing some of the countryside, you can crash with us – we moved from LA almost 2 years ago! we have an extra room! best of luck! maybe you should become a journalist and travel the world writing – your letter was beautifully written!! jonas, you’re the man – obvs. and you can also stay with us when you come to england! party! xx

  14. Kyrstin,
    If you ever feel like coming to Sweden, let me know if you want a couch to crash on! You are very welcome to stay with me in Stockholm, and I can take you around to see the country a little. :)
    I hope you get to have the travels of your dreams, and of the dreams you haven’t yet dreamt!

    (Jonas is just amazing as usual, don’t even think that needs to be pointed out!)

  15. Wow, what a touching email. I can’t imagine anything more worthwhile than having inspired someone to change their life for the better. And where’s that box of kleenex?

  16. Wow, that’s lovely and must feel amazing to be the source of that inspiration, Jonas! Sounds like the start of a great adventure – good luck Kyrstin

  17. Jonas is the best!
    I can’t stop telling people about him.
    I think this girl will be married (or at least asked) soon.
    Good writing there. ;-)

  18. WOW! just incredible, that’s gotta make you feel all warm and goey Jonas. Super work! Thanks so much for sharing.

  19. know that your work is not only business, indeed. the circle that closes the meaning of life, love. I try to experience it every day. that’s why often i follow you. we are different, but equal in the heart.

  20. wow…and yes. your pictures are truly inspiring, Jonas. Also, Good luck for your plan and your new adventure, Krystin.

  21. Krystin put that so beautifully. It’s amazing how some people have the ability to inspire with a few words or an image they have captured. I also spent an entire night and half the next day going through all of your past work when I first came across your website. The feelings the images provoke are so strong, like Krysten said they take you to another world and they inspired me to strive for better in myself. Thank you

  22. Wow oh wow – what wonderful words to read. Changing people’s lives through your images! amazing. Kyrstin, I hope you enjoy your little adventure.

  23. wow. Krysten what a spirit and Jonas what true words she says of your photography; inspiration. This has made my day. Yesterday it was my nephew saying for the first time ‘hi aunty jasmine!’ he’s 23months old – it’s the little things that inspire us to move, to shout, to get out there and see what we can do!

  24. Way cool Krystin. Explore the world! Not just those faraway places, either. I lived in California for 15 years before I visited Yosemite, and it turned out to be one of my favorite spots on this planet.

    Good luck in all your adventures, and keep pushing.

  25. I’m not normally one to comment….but wow, what a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing and what a beautiful soul Kyrstin is.

  26. This is the type of email every photographer hopes of receiving. That was inspirational in itself.

  27. This is absolutely one of the most powerful and moving posts. Thank you, Kyrstin, for writing Jonas. And thank you, Jonas, for sharing it with us.

  28. How beautiful that you’ve inspired this in someone. I so relate to that feeling, that realization, when I was in my 20s. Kyrstin…if you make it to Western Australia, get in touch! Happy, happy travels x

  29. This…brought tears to my eyes. Life really is so precious and to be cherished.


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