June 22, 2010


C’mon guy! How do you do it? It’s wonderful charming picture.. it’s AMAZING

Out-of-this-world brilliant.

Amazing and inspirational! Great job!

Simple and beautiful just love the way you framed this shot.

Serene and beautiful. Love the way you make the gown pop and the drapes frame it all.

OMG I gotta know how you processed this one! your typical nik software cross process that you use, or alien skin exposure 2? love the brown tones……. most of all love your eye. You’re an inspiration for us everyday!!!!! thanks for being great
Nashville, TN

” kyle hale – Hello magazine cover.”

I second that!
This is good shit.

Jag kan inte beskriva i ord hur fantastiskt hejdlöst enormt sjukt jävla vacker denna bild är. Estetisk orgasm!

Words just can’t describe how beautiful this is. Everything is simply perfect.

I expect nothing less from you. Beautifully shot, amazing light.

Gorgeous! I love the glow and draping of the dress and how I can see the sun in the leafs through the thin curtain in the window

Gorgeous. What dress is she wearing? Jenny Packham?

That texture, it’s like a painting. I want to touch it but I hear you’re not really allowed to do that with paintings.

Can’t wait to see the rest.

In the meantime, I’ll just sit here and refresh the page.

Over and over again.

What a beautiful photo! I’am speechless!

SO beautiful. Love it:-)

This is so clean!!! So gorgeous! One of my favorites.

was this Bali or ANCIENT FRIGGIN’ ROME?!?! Amazing, man. See ya soon.

This is such a stunning photo Jonas! WOW! Oh i really really hope you can do my wedding…….I am still waiting to hear if you have the date free. Fingers crossed! Enjoy the rest of your travels.

Wow wow wow wow. One of the best bridal portraits I have ever seen. Nice job!

It’s gorgeous, from the detail in the ceiling to the way she’s got her feet :) Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Large fan of this one Jonas.. great stuff

Yes sir, this looks awesome.

This makes me think of old Hollywood. She looks like a movie star! Fabulous shot Jonas!! Can’t wait until August! Will you make me look like a movie star too? :)

Really peaceful. Very nice, sir.