We jumped on our bikes this morning, it was still not too hot and the breeze from the ocean made it a great start to the day. We had nowhere particular in mind, just cruised down the waterfront with our boys on the back of our bikes, the meaning of life never more apparent. I could hear Noah screaming, “Go faster! Faster!” and of course we did. I could hear the pure joy of his laugh as he pounded my back with his small hands. When we came back, both Noah and Joel were fast asleep and I could go back to work.

I’m designing albums like a mad man these days and the only thing that keeps me going is listening to new music.

The last couple of days I’ve been listening to Lady of the Sunshine.

I think you should too.



Lady of the Sunshine – Lady of the Sunshine (mp3)

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  1. Ohh wow!! great shot and amazing music!!! Im listening to their album Smoking Gun in Spotify right now! Its absolutely outstanding!

  2. Hello Jonas, I’m a fan of your work and enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for sharing music today. Such a good recommendation. I was blown away with Lady of Sunshine, especially with the Wizard of Oz chant at the end. That was great! Wish you a lovely Xmas.

  3. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!
    Thank you for all the lovely images so far, looking forward to many more in the year to come.

  4. I’ve been a big fan of your work for a while now. It’s awesome to see you have a great taste of music, too. Angus & Julia Stone have been a fav of mine for years, so I was stoked a few months ago when Angus released Lady of the Sunshine. Those Aussies sure make good music. I love the Custom Kings too!

  5. Jonas, for having such a great eye for photography and being such a prolific writer… I have to say, your music taste can be very questionable at times. cheers

  6. Tack! Nu kom jag in i den skönaste stämning…vacker bild och vacker musik.Det blev lite meditation så här på förmiddagen i Göteborg (där det snöar för fullt)!

  7. hello there – lady of the sunshine is awesome :) i love their song about the airplane. can’t wait till angus and julia bring out a new album next year!
    ps. your photography is breathtaking :)

  8. Hej Jonas,
    Jag läser din blogg för att du gjorde det där som jag drömmer om. Det känns som att mitt liv står still. Absolut blickstilla. Jag skulle vilja flytta iväg, starta på nytt, få bygga en ny krets på ett annat ställe. Nya Zeeland kanske. Men då var det allt det där andra, det praktiska. Just nu är jag fast i en universitetsutbildning som det “är så bra att slutföra”. O my God, som man skulle kunna säga.
    Du är en bra människa, tror jag.
    Mvh Camilla


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