Steve and Danielle

June 2, 2011

Since this is now my personal blog, I can post more than once every day. Heck, I may even do a triple whammy, who knows?


Really really special picture … I love it Thanks for share with us.

Great mix of light here. Killer as usual.

I love how vidid it all is. Freak’n awesome work!

where’s C3P0 when you need him :P

Ohh – that, is, awesome.

Love the processing. Looks slightyl HDR with a combo of long night exposure.

That’s pretty epic. I love it.

Jonas! This is absolutely epic!

That is amazing. I love the use of light… beautiful! Great job

Damn…you’re awesome at using light!

This is such a pretty shot. I love the colors in the sky & leading lines. Love your gray/yellow corner shot from the above post too.

Great composition (“,). Flash composite? How are the trees lit?

Always blows away by how spot on you are with the light.

Yup. I like it. A lot.

Yeeeeh – Nice one! Go on, post some more :)

I’ve been following your wedding blog for some time now but finally this is becoming a real blog. With posts everyday. I’ve been checking your blog several times a day for the past year hoping you’ve posted something. Now it is happening. Can’t wait to hear more from you.

Love this photo! =o)

sheesh this is lovely. so lovely!

That is a unique location. Egads.